Catmac Reel 2017-2019 // 50+ Free VJ Loops

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By downloading this you will get a free massive collection from “Catmac” containing 58 VJ Loops.

All Loops in this Free Collection are encoded in mp4.

Music by Riccardo Aguila, “thinkingknobs”



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By downloading this you will get a free massive collection from “Catmac” containing +50 VJ Loops.

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A message from the author CATMAC:

“These are all the loops I made for the 2017-19 period. It ́s kind of a fast glimpse of my daily

work, me exploring new variations while learning and improving my skills, because, remember it

is all about learning. I can say that, after all this time, that I feel proud of helping people to

getting started on vjing and also proud of helping any kind of project with free footage. The

message is clear, you can do amazing things, either way mixing these ones in a creative

manner or creating something else by yourself starting from the scratch. I only released content

that I felt that could be interesting or attractive in any way to the “eye”, my subjective space, and

hopefully yours as well, because any kind of art or expression should be intended to be a

channel for communication and linking… And we are really needing to improve on that as a

species. So, enjoy and share.”


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