Fluo Skull 4 VJ Loops Pack

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FluoSkull is a VJ Loop Pack containing 4 VJ Loops featuring 4 different skull heads rendered in a wireframe style with fluorescent colors.

Duration: 00:08 – 00:10  sec/loop

Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)

Encoding: .mov (H264) – 30FPS

Downloadable files: 1 ZIP file (560 Mb)


Get Fluo Skull VJ Loops Pack (1920×1080)

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Fluo Skull 4 VJ Loops Pack is a great visual resource for that gritty punk ocassion. Four poligonal Skulls pumped up with bright colors in a modern geometric scenario moving in dynamic camera shots. This small set of loops will get you out of boredom for sure!!

Change colors easily with any Hue/Saturation effect in your VJ Software such as Resolume, Modul 8 Arkaos, Vdmx, CoGe…



Get Fluo Skull in Full HD (1920×1080)



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